Forever Pets serves as a wholesale provider of pet memorials for numerous crematoriums, pet cemeteries, and veterinary offices around the United States. If you are seeking to do business with us, please contact our sales team at 651-450-7727.

Please note that application for a wholesale account with Forever Pets does not guarantee approval. Forever Pets is only providing wholesale accounts to those directly involved with the pet loss industry and is not currently interested in offering our products to general retailers.

If you wish to add Forever Pets line of pet memorials to your offerings, there are a few steps:

Submit your completed Minnesota ST3 Certificate Of Exemption

This form can be found here. After completing the form, either email it to service@foreverpets.com or fax it to 651-450-0160. Once approved, we can direct you to our online wholesale store or send you product catalogs and literature.

Register With Our Online Wholesale Store

Once you have been approved by our sales staff, you will be able to register an account on our online wholesale store if online ordering is more convenient for you. Registering an account will also allow you to list your business on our distributors map (located here).

Set Up Your Own Online Retail Store (Optional)

By registering on our online wholesale store, you will also be eligible to request your very own online retail store hosted on peturncatalog.com. The primary benefit of this service is that it allows you to list product offerings online without the need for costly web design services. Should you desire to create your own online retail store rather than using our peturncatalog service, we are also able to assist you by providing product descriptions, images, video, and anything else you should require.