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Forever Pets, Inc.

Until We Meet Again At The Rainbow Bridge

About Us

Forever Pets functions as a wholesale distributor of pet urns, pet memorials, and pet keepsakes to those in the pet loss world. Since 1997, our goal has been to deliver quality pet memorials to our customers.

As a wholesale distributor, we strive to help businesses of all sizes meet their needs and actively engage in promoting our providers. If you are looking for pet cremation services, a pet memorial, or a pet urn, we are able to direct you to hundreds of providers nationwide.

If you are visiting us as an individual customer looking to make a retail purchase, please select Find A Provider from the menu above to find the one nearest to you.

If you are visiting us on behalf of a business seeking to offer our products to your customers, please call us at 651-450-7727 or visit our online wholesale store and apply for an account.

Please note we are no longer accepting online resellers for our wholesale network.

Our Mission


We specialize in urns for pets. From dogs and cats, to rabbits and birds, we pride ourselves on offering a wide representation of products that capture the essence of our beloved pets.


Feel good about your purchase! Many of our products are made with wood, a renewable, sustainable resource. We are devoted to each product we offer every step of the way. From its inception, our urns and keepsakes are uniquely designed to be as beautiful as the memory of your pet. Every purchase with Forever Pets comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We attempt to ship all orders placed by 11:00 am CST, Monday through Friday, the same business day. Orders received after that time will ship the following business day. Please note that Burial Markers take longer due to the complexity of the customization process.

All shipments depart from our facility in Saint Paul, MN.


Our offerings extend well beyond traditional wood urns. We provide rotary or laser engraving services for many different types of urn materials. From figurines to decorative jars and vases, to many different types of wood and metal, we continually try to pioneer exceptional memorials for the pet loss industry.

Our Products

Traditional Urns with Figurine
K-9 Cottage Urns
Tower Urns
Brass Pawprint Vases