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Forever Pets Inc functions as a wholesale distributor of pet urns, pet memorials, and pet keepsakes to those in the pet loss world. Since 1997, our goal has been to deliver quality pet memorials to our customers. As a wholesale distributor, we strive to help businesses of all sizes meet their needs and actively engage in promoting our providers. If you are looking for pet cremation services, a pet memorial, or a pet urn, we are able to direct you to hundreds of providers nation wide.

If you are visiting us as an individual customer looking to make a retail purchase, please visit our map of providers to find the one nearest to you.

If you are visiting us as a business seeking to offer Forever Pets products to customers, please call us at 651-450-7727 or visit our online wholesale store and apply for an account. We are not accepting online re-sellers anymore. You must submit the Minnesota ST3 retail certificate to purchase urns from us.